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Buffalo Computer Fraud Defense Attorney

Buffalo Computer Fraud Defense Attorney

As computers become a common and integral part of everyday life and most businesses, Computer Fraud has become progressively more apparent.  A Buffalo area Computer Fraud attorney on the team J John Sebastian attorney at law  will explain to you that this crime can be very complex or quite simple, and we can counsel you at no cost consultation about how to defend yourself against these criminal charges. Very often a Computer Fraud can lead to criminal charges in both New York State Court as well as Federal Court.
Whenever a computer has  been used to facilitate a criminal act, a charge of Computer Fraud may be brought by the US Attorney, Erie County offices of the District Attorney,or Buffalo PD. The crime therefore represents a broad category of deceptive activities that are generally designed to steal, destroy, or misrepresent information. For instance, Computer Fraud occurs if you access credit card numbers or Social Security numbers online in order to use them illegally. Computer Fraud is frequently connected to Credit Card Fraud, or other crimes such as Bank Fraud, Embezzlement and in some instances Bribery.
Among the common actions that can be prosecuted under the charge of Computer Fraud are the following:
  • Posing as someone else online.
  • Emailing a hoax with the intent to scare or intimidate others.
  • Employing spyware or other malicious software, or hacking into a computer system, to collect the private information of a business, an individual, or a group of people.
  • Emailing investment schemes with the intention of taking other people's money.
  • Illegally accessing a computer to alter business, government, medical, academic, or other records.
  • Intentionally sending harmful computer viruses to damage the computers of others.
Because defending a charge of Computer Fraud typically involves both technological and financial investigations—and because relevant records can be preserved even if you believe they've been erased—you need a skilled defense team on your side. You might face multiple charges, criminal or civil prosecution, prison time, or fines (even if you're convicted of only minor fraud). So contact J John Sebastian today to set up a free consultation with an experienced Computer Fraud Attorney
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