Thursday, March 28, 2013

How to Help a Friend or Family If They Get Arrested in Buffalo NY

If you need a lawyer for a friend or family member who has been placed under arrest, you can call J John Sebastian 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
If it is 4 am  and someone you love has just been arrested, You know you need legal help. You do not want your loved one to sign a confession or be in a line-up. It is tough to know what to do or who you can  trust. Here is what you need to know.
  1. If a police officer or detective calls you to tell you someone has been arrested, First ask: where they are being held and by what the charges are . If your loved one calls, find out from them. Tell them you are finding him a lawyer and not to answer any police questions under any circumstances.
  2. Find out what the charges are and what time the arrest was made. Do not let your loved one tell you what happened. The call is not privileged and it can, and probably will be, recorded by police for later use against your loved one. They should just tell you the actual charge. If they cannot tell you without explanation, tell them that “it doesn’t matter,” and continue to step three below.
  3. Inform the police or detective to either not speak to your loved one or ask them any questions. Tell your loved one not to make any statement or take any test and tell them you are getting a lawyer and not to do or say anything until they hear from that lawyer.
  4. Select a Criminal Defense Attorney. Keep calling lawyers until you find one that either answers their phone or has an answering service that can reach them anytime day or night.
  5. Tell the lawyer that your friend is arrested and give as much information as you can. Ask that they immediately call the station house and stop your friend from being questioned. Many lawyers will do this for free but expect to pay at least $150-350 for that call.
  6. You do not have to use the lawyer that helps you for arraignment as a free lawyer is often available, HOWEVER it is better to have your own lawyer at arraignment if you can.
    Gather as much money as you can to both pay the lawyer in court and to post bail. It is more important to get a good lawyer into the case early than to immediately get your friend out of jail.

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