Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Buffalo NY Area Suspended Driver License Attorney

A Buffalo NY Area  Drivers License Suspension Lawyer can explain that in the State of New York, most people are not aware that driving with a suspended license is a crime . Under New York Vehicle and Traffic Law, section 511, d driving with a suspended license can be a felony offense. It is common , for people to not be aware that they are driving on a suspended license, often until they are arrested.

. Often this problem occurs because someone received a moving violation . If the driver fails to respond to the ticket, and  fails to go to court, or goes to court and is found guilty and does not pay the fine, their license can be suspended. While the DMV normally sends a warning letter informing the driver of a pending suspension, if they do not rget  the letter, they will be unaware of the problem. If you have had your license suspended, it is important to take prompt action and speak with a Buffalo Criminal Lawyer from our team today.
The District Attorney looks at  the number of suspensions to decide on the level of the criminal charge. If a driver has received four tickets for example, , each ticket is a suspension. A 4 suspension can result in a misdemeanor charge, which can mean 30 days in jail . If you receive 10 suspensions, you can be charged with a felony offense. Another way to receive a Driver’s License Suspension is to receive 11 points on your license with 18 months for moving violations.
If you have had your driver’s license suspended, speak with a skilled Buffalo NY area Diver’s License Suspension Lawyer from J John Sebastian Law Offices  We will explain the charges against you, and provide you with a complimentary case evaluation with your first visit.

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