Sunday, March 31, 2013

Seeking Compensation for the Victims of Reckless Truck Drivers

Anyone who drives recklessly is putting others people at serious risk for injury, but when the driver of a truck is reckless, the results can be particularly grave. Every year, many avoidable truck accidents are caused by reckless and wanton  behavior such as the following:
  • Unsafe Speeds  Because trucks are so large and difficult to handle, it is especially important that they follow the speed limit, if not slower. Trucks  being driven over the speed limit, especially on busy city expressways, create a grave  risk for accidents.
  • Following to close or Tailgating: Trucks need much more time and space to stop than smaller vehicles and must therefore drive  farther behind the cars in front of them. When a truck is tailgating a car and the car brakes or slow down suddenly, the results can be devastating
  • Other aggressive driving: In general, truck drivers need to constantly be aware that they are driving much more heavier and dangerous  vehicles than most other drivers on the road. Any display of road rage on their part  can have deadly consequences.
If you have been injured or have lost someone close to you in a truck accident, J John Sebastian  will carefully investigate the facts of your case so he can identify who was responsible and pursue the payment you deserve. Let us put our experience and passion to work for you.
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