Friday, March 29, 2013

Buffalo Area Town and Justice Court Appeals Lawyer

The importance of a misdemeanor or violation appeal can sometimes be underestimated. Do not be lulled into thinking that the only bad result  you might face are the penalties that the court sets.   Many times the consequences of a misdemeanor or traffic conviction outside the criminal justice system are worse  than those that any judge will impose upon you.  The consequences might include a suspension of your license (driver’s license or any other type of license), loss of  your job, or difficulty finding a job.
Filing a timely appeal of a misdemeanor or traffic  conviction from a Town or Justice court is paramount.  J John Sebastian understands that your misdemeanor or traffic appeal may not be the biggest case in the courts , but it is certainly the biggest case in YOUR world , and he will fight to point out errors that may have caused an unjust conviction.
The Town and Justice courts in NY State are known for not always following the law and committing many errors of law and are often reversed by the higher courts.  Many of the town justices have no legal training and are not even attorneys themselves!
Contact J John Sebastian if you feel you have been wrongly convicted in a Town or Justice Court in NY State.

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