Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Buffalo NY Area Promoting Prostitution Attorney J John Sebastian

An experienced Buffalo Criminal  Lawyer will tell you that the sex crime of Promoting Prostitution takes place when a person benefits and  profits from prostitution, but is neither the person acting as the  prostitute or employing  a prostitute. The crime of Promoting  Prostitution involves:
  • Receiving money for arranging a prostitute for someone;
  • Soliciting a John for a prostitute;
  • Operating, managing or owning an establishment that was made for prostitution, and prostitution is practiced there;
  • Inducing someone to the life of prostitution (turning girls out).
If you have been charged with Promoting Prostitution or other Sex Crime , or battery, assault, Burglary or endangering the welfare of a child,  speak with a qualified Buffalo Criminal Defense  Lawyer from our  team today. The penalties you could be facing are serious, and can  include jail time, large fines and probation.
In New York State , the  Penal Law defines the laws related to Promoting Prostitution, which can  be classified as either a misdemeanor or a felony, and punishable by 1  to 25 years in prison. There severity of the charge will depend on:
  • How many prostitutes are involved;
  • Whether force or coercion was used;
  • The age of the prostitutes involved.
Come in and speak with a Buffalo Criminal Defense Lawyer from the Law Office of J John Sebastian for legal guidance.

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