Monday, March 4, 2013

Buffalo Area Soft Tissue Injury Lawyer

Soft tissue injuries are very common in car accidents,truck accidents  motorcycle accidents, and slip&fall incidents. If you are involved in an accident and receive a diagnosis from a hospital or urgent care center of a "sprain" or "strain", you may have a soft-tissue injury.
Pain, inflammation, and stress on the muscles and nerves can be very serious. Despite what a car insurance claim adjuster says, soft tissue injuries in most cases are progressive and permanent. Major soft tissue injuries can include whiplash or a herniated and/or bulging disc
Treatment for a soft tissue injury may include chiropractic  physical therapy, pain management, and in some cases surgery.
If you have pain that radiates from a muscle, this can be a symptom of a very serious neurological problem. A soft tissue injury lawyer will even the playing field with a claim adjuster. Now more than ever, insurance companies are fighting soft tissue claims, claiming that these injuries resolve themselves with time and require no medical treatment. Unfortunately for most victims of  a car accident, this is not always the case.
It takes very little force to cause soft tissue damage. The muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints can be torn even in low-speed car accidents. In fact, the minor impact soft tissue (MIST) claim can lead to medical treatment in excess of $20,000.
Many weeks of physical therapy and pain management can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Please do not believe  insurance claim adjusters who tells you that you cannot be seriously hurt in a low-speed car accident.
That argument makes no sense medically or physically. Orthopedists and neurologists will testify, under oath, that there is absolutely no correlation between property damage (the wrecked cars) and the extent of your injury. Basically, you can be seriously hurt in a car accident where the vehicles were traveling at speeds less than 15mph.

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