Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Buffalo Area Personal Injury Lawyer-Bone Fractures

Car Accidents  serious injuries, including bone fractures. Every  fracture (broken bones) can be classified as either closed fractures in which the skin remains intact or open fractures in which the bone penetrates the skin. Open fractures also carry a risk of infection.
There are a variety of types of fractures that may be sustained, including:

Treatment of Fractures

A fracture will be  treated by what is called  a reduction. A reduction is an attempt to reduce the amount of displacement or angulation of the broken ends of bone. Usually this is achieved by a closed reduction in which force is manually applied until an acceptable alignment is achieved and then casting to hold the bone in place.
Where a closed reduction cannot create an adequate alignment or the bone ends are not sufficiently stable, a surgical procedure might  be required. Surgical procedures to treat the fracture may include:

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