Thursday, March 21, 2013

Buffalo Area Arson Defense Attorney

A Buffalo  Arson attorney explains the New York State Arson law, the 5 different levels of Criminal Arson charges and affirmative defenses to Arson.
The common definition of Arson is setting fire to a building or property without having the owner's consent. In New York, any Arson attorney will tell you that this definition has been broken down further to separate between the different types of fires that can be set, the type of property that is set on fire and the risk of injury to people from such fires.
Moreover, the Western New York offices of the District Attorney as well as Western NY area Judges have exhibited a very low tolerance for defendants charged with Arson. The reason is the dangerous nature of a fire in so far as how it can spread and the  damage that can be caused to both people and property. That is why it's important for a defendant to have a Buffalo Area Criminal Attorney who has experience in handling Arson cases. An experienced New York Arson Lawyer can limit your exposure in the event of an unintended consequence of a fire that has been started and has gone out of control.
When you face the criminal charge of Arson, you need a Buffalo Criminal Attorney who will stand by you and fight for your rights
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