Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Arrested for Heroin Possession in The Buffalo Area? What to Expect

J John Sebastian

Heroin use in the Buffalo area has grown  in very  recent years.  Highly  addictive and inexpensive  to buy, it has become the drug of choice for many  people.  If you have been charged  and are facing heroin charges  in the Buffalo Area, there are some important facts to keep in mind regarding  your case.

First of all, New York state  has some of the toughest and most complex   laws regarding the sale and possession of heroin.  It is important that you  find a criminal defense lawyer with  the experience needed to guide your case through the courts.   Don’t try to attempt to navigate this on your own.

 A good lawyer can be the difference in receiving a lesser  sentence than what you could have received.
Secondly, your sentence, if found guilty,  will be based on a lot of  different issues  from your case.  Your previous criminal history, how  much heroin was in your possession, and if you were selling it, — all  contribute to what sentence you will get  Be certain you have all the advantages afforded to you by the law.  All  cases have their own individual circumstances and needs, make sure your  lawyer is aware of all aspects of your situation.

In the Buffalo area,  most people strike a plea agreement in order to  avoid trial, in fact, most heroin cases never go to trial.  Your  lawyer will fight to win you the best plea deal available, helping you  avoid trial and further costs associated with it, while also most likely  getting you a reduced sentence. Don’t take chances with your  future—make sure you have a criminal defense lawyer that understands how  the system works, how to negotiate pleas, and has an extensive  knowledge of the law.

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