Sunday, February 10, 2013

Charged with Domestic Violence: Do I Need a Buffalo Area Attorney?

In Erie County NY , domestic violence is a serious crime.  No matter how small  the injuries to either party might be, an arrest, charge, or conviction for domestic violence can have far reaching consequences for anyone accused of the crime in the Buffalo area.   A person can be convicted of domestic violence not just against a spouse, but against anyone with whom the person lives with or has a child.  The individuals involved do not have to be of the opposite gender or even related, nor do the pair have to be romantically involved.  In fact, even a college student living with roommates can be arrested for and convicted of domestic violence if he or she is ever violent toward those roommates.

The Facts Make a Difference

The law is something that is very situation  specific.   The circumstances surrounding each accusation will also be taken into consideration and weighed by the court in determining guilt .  Despite the fact that defendants are welcome to go pro se in court, anyone facing the serious charge of domestic violence is highly encouraged to let an experienced attorney handle all aspects of the defense.  Attorneys are experienced and trained at presenting legally good  arguments to the court that laymen may not realize they can argue in their defense. 

For example, what if the defendant acts in self-defense?  Or walks in on a shocking scene that would shock most reasonable people?  Or acts under a mistaken belief of facts?  All of these questions and more represent the many nuances of criminal law that can weigh factor  on the outcome of a charge for domestic violence.
Another plus  of partnering with an attorney to defend against charges of domestic violence is that the attorney will be able to explain any of the questions that a defendant might have about the criminal process, chances of success, and the charges involved in non-legal, simple to understand terms.

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