Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Buffalo Marijuana Possession

If you have been reading the news lately, you probably have noticed that there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the legalization of marijuana. Under the current law, Marijuana Possession (in small amounts) has been decriminalized. If a defendant in Buffalo NY is found to be in possession of 25 grams or less and is a first time, or second time offender, you can be charged with a violation.

 This means that while you will still be expected to address the matter and appear in court, it is not considered a crime. If you are found in possession of 25 grams or less in Buffalo NY and have more than two priors, or are caught burning it in public view (any amount), or possess over 35 grams but less than 2oz. you can be charged with a B misdemeanor offense. This can be punishable by up to three months incarceration, monetary fines and probation.

If you are in possession of more than 2 oz. but less than 8 oz.,in Buffalo you can be charged with an A misdemeanor. Being charged with Marijuana Possession can be a stressful experience. Depending on the quantities involved, you could be facing stiff penalties. Whether you have been charged with Marijuana Possession, Heroin Possession, a DWAI or DWI, we are here to help. Speak with J John Sebastian. for advice and legal support.

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