Thursday, April 4, 2013

What is "IDV Court"?

First established in 2003, IDV Courts are made  for a single judge to preside over multiple cases between family members, where the main or prevalent  issue is alleged domestic violence between the parties.
For example, a wife and husband have a marital fight, the police are called. In short order, the spouses might accumulate one or more criminal proceedings in a local criminal Court, one or more family offense cases in Family Court, and a divorce proceeding in Supreme Court. In the past, different judges would have been assigned to  each of those proceedings, requiring court appearances in three different courthouses, sometimes resulting in conflicting decisions between the various judges. Now, one judge presides over all of the family's interrelated legal matters in IDV Court.
So far, approximately 18,000 families throughout New York State have had their legal matters resolved in IDV Courts. That number will continue to grow.  IDV Courts look like they will be around for a while.

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