Thursday, April 4, 2013

Buffalo Area Truck Driver's Attorney

Buffalo Area Truck Driver's Attorney

Trucker tickets,unlike ordinary traffic tickets,  are criminal misdemeanors . Trucker ticket attorney J John Sebastian is  dedicated to the legal assistance of truckers, truck companies and companies who truck goods anywhere in the Buffalo New York Area.

Under New York Law Corporations Must Be Represented By a Lawyer and a Failure To Appear Could Lead to Criminal Convictions and Fines.

Your time is better spent running your business anyway.J John Sebastian  will represent your company when a police officer issues a ticket to your business. Our attorneys can often appear in court without the driver or a company representative.
Contact J John Sebastian if you or your drivers receive a ticket for any of the following violations:
  • Moving Violations
  • Highway use tax (HUT)
  • Fuel use tax (FUT)
  • Motor vehicle use tax (MVT),
  • Lack of international fuel tax renewal sticker,
  • Overweight truck violations
  • Log book violations
  • Idling, and/or unsafe equipment violations (brakes, tires, headlights)

 The Law Offices of J John Sebastian  is the first and only call you need to make.J John Sebastian  can represent you in a court of law even when you are not there. Call him day or night at 716-254-1651

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