Friday, June 21, 2013

What Exactly Is "Shoplifting"?

What Exactly Is "Shoplifting"?

Posted 01:28 PM June 13, 2013
When people think about t shoplifting, they might picture  a person hiding goods in his or her clothes and then leaving the store without paying. While this is definitely a typical  shoplifting scenario, it's not the only one.
Scenarios where people get arrested for shoplifting, may include

  • Placing merchandise in a "booster bag" (a bag lined with aluminum foil, designed to conceal detection of merchandise from electronic security monitors)
  • Removing Sensormatic and other anti-theft tags from store's  merchandise
  • Concealment, concealing merchandise on the way out of the store with it
  • Tag switching:
  • Coordinating theft with a store worker who doesn't ring up all the merchandise
  • Group shoplifting where, one member of the group creates a distraction that provides another member with the opportunity to shoplift
Shoplifting supposedly costs retailers tens of billions of dollars per year in the United States. This is one reason why shoplifting charges are prosecuted firmly seriously by the courts. Penalties for conviction can vary depending on yourrecord, the type of  charge, and the value of goods allegedly stolen. However, with a skilled shoplifting defense lawyer on your side, there is hope to successfully resolve your legal matter.

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